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I must be mad to even attempting to write this blog on recruitment, particularly when I remember how I struggled to get my ‘O’ Level in English plus my poor attempts to write recruitment ads! If it wasn’t for my ex boss whom I have the ultimate respect for, I am sure I wouldn’t have even attempted this. It is a shame he isn’t around to keep an eye on my posts and check the grammar.

The other point I have to make is thank god for the spell check, without it I would take forever and a day to check each email, letter and blog entry. I suppose this is a sign of the times, as we all become more illiterate, although in my case I am sure I was just useless, but heh I survived.

As I now step seriously into this blog, I thought how would I appeal to fellow Recruitment Consultants, the answer came flooding in “don’t write a blog on recruitment!!”

That maybe a little harsh but in essence there is some truth, so I plan to have a mixed feel with some good helpful content mixed with as much light heartiness as possible, so if you want to take a blow or have a laugh I can take it, 20 years in this industry you become thick skinned.

So if you have something to say let me know serious or not as you know us Recruitment Consultants are a little quirky to say the least!!


Stephen Fowler

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