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£3.6 Million Increased Spending does not stem the tide of Uk soldiers quitting.

Interestingly after my last post on Army recruiting, I  came across this article on the MOD Oracle site. Where they they have quoted that the UK Government has increased its spend on recruitment by £3.6 Million, proved not to stem the tide of soldiers quitting.

May be we could learn something from our US counterpart here.

below is the full extract

The Government increased spending on Army recruitment by £3.6 million last year but failed to increase the number of soldiers.

Despite record amounts of money being spent on trying to attract new recruits, fewer people signed up than quit.

Figures revealed in a written parliamentary answer by defence minister Derek Twigg show that recruitment spending rose from £85.4 million in 2004/5 to £89 million in 2005/6.

The number of new recruits rose from 11,720 in 2005 to 12,730 in 2006.

But separate figures from the Defence Analytical Support Agency show that 14,460 people quit the Army in the year to June 2006.

Shadow Defence secretary Liam Fox said: "The Government is throwing money at recruitment in a desperate attempt to keep up numbers.

"They should be focusing on the retention crisis which sees some of the most skilled and experienced soldiers quitting the Army.

"Shorter gaps between tours of duty, concerns over kit, pay and allowances, are starting to hit morale and are adding further pressure on service families."

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