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Whats next, will all top blogs have their own jobs boards?

It just seems every day now something is happening to effect the recruitment industry, to the point I am sure I could write full time.

Again by pure chance I was reading on of my favorite blogs TechCrunch and out of pure curiosity I clicked on the Cool Jobs link. Obviously I was expecting to see a list of vacancies at TechCrunch but no, they now have there own jobs board called CrunchBoard. I suppose it takes advertising with Google Adwords or to the next level, when it comes to finding passive candidates.

Thinking about it it is a superb way to find passive candidates, with 129k subscribed readers all with a keen interest in technology, I would assume they must pick up some quality candidates. Although I am a little late with this news, as they launched in August it is probably a good time to see how they are doing, maybe Michael would let us know.

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