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Which industry sector is struggling!

If you didn’t spot the launch last week for the TotalJobs Barometer, I suggest you take a look just to get a handle on the recruitment market place.

With over 2 million unique job seekers that generate over 1 million on-line job applications each month, Totaljobs have unique position when it comes to identifying trends within our industry, so when I was asked to give them a little exposure I certainly felt the information they had generated makes some interesting reading and worth of a mention.

With all this data generated they have built a website specifically to try give the recruiter a snap shot of what is happening within our industry in a format which is a little easier to use and can be generated specifically to our interest over a month or a series of month, thereby giving us some idea which way a particular market is heading.

Obviously the data is always going to be a month late but as a retrospective view, but the data does give us a feel of what is happening within various market sectors or territories and maybe can give us a clue to the opportunities for the future.

Of course it is just a barometer, but none the less one to watch and therefore I suggest it is worth while signing up for their monthly news letter here.

Just to give you a feel what you can get is their recent key findings:

  1. Demand for Jobs outstrips supply, with an average of 8 applications for every job posted (which is an increase from 6 in April, but if you go back to August last year it was 2.7 )
  2. The number of jobs posted on fell for the ninth consecutive month (interesting that they should admit this, but is this because we are being more clever in the way we find our candidates using the likes of linkedin twitter Facebook etc)
  3. Employers in the property sector posted 12% more jobs in April/May than February/March. (Which has to be a most interesting figure and hopefully a positive sign of some kind of a recovery)

I could point out many other interesting figures, but the interest really is down to the individual recruitment industry’s sector and location. Also within supposedly bad sectors there are still good niches and I am sure we all can interpret the results differently.


  1. We are property recruiters and therefore heartened to see the positive data about property recruitment. But before everyone tries to become a property recruiter one word of warning – I expect the 12% increase maybe because 12% of not a lot, is not a lot!

    Property is hoping for a recovery but we aren’y there yet!

  2. tim, thanks for this, I hadn’t seen it.

    Everybody seems to be looking forward to a big demand for contractors and project people as they start to look for growth with a much, much smaller workforce. when this happens, who knows. some say september when everyone has had a summer breather, some say Jan when everyone has had a break.

    we continue to push flexible working as many more companies have twigged, not because of the employee satisfaction benefits that have always been promoted but because of cost savings.

    Hey, will you link to our blog at – we’ll link to you!

  3. I have to say, I’m not surprised to see sales high, a role with high churn.

    It’s a shame that their figures don’t differentiate between full-time position and interims. For example, I would be interested to see what percentage of accoutancy and IT roles were for contractors.

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