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Why do so many recruiters fail?

salemanHaving just read Gavin Ingham’s article “If selling is so simple why can’t everyone do it?” An interesting question and worth taking time out to read.

It certainly made me think about all the trainees that have dropped out of recruitment for one reason or another. Added to this a good friend of mine Sarah Bennett, an excellent trainer of consultants was asked to do some training on New Business, the shock was so great for a couple of newbies they resigned!

It never ceases to amaze me that graduates still come into recruitment not realising it is a sales job, they are under the impression that it is a HR role, when in truth it couldn’t be further away.

So if you are looking to recruit another consultant and this time you want to keep them read Gavins article, it isn’t a coincidence that Roy Ripper of Recruitment Juice calls his first DVD “Its all about attitude” and in the same breath Gavin say:

“So if selling is so simple why can’t everyone do it?

Because selling is about attitude.”

On top of this I loved this quote also from Gavin, particularly with all the Recruitment Consultant vacancies asking for Graduates, kind of summed it up for me.

“Selling provides virtually unrivalled opportunities for anyone who is prepared to commit themselves. Your degree won’t help you. Your qualifications and exams won’t help you. Your CV won’t help you. The only person who can help you is you. And that’s too much of a leveller for most people.”


  1. Mmm,

    Interesting… I recently wrote a post on my blog about mud, throwing it at the wall and whether it sticks or now..

    Might wanna check it out here

  2. Just over two years i started a role as a consultant and like many other consultants we fell into recruitment rather than a chosen career plan.

    After somewhat two years I soon realised that as consultants came and went they did not realise that recruitment is both a business 2 business sales role and a candidate management service. That is you sell candidates for a living – and so you have two customers to please.

    Whilst on the surface this sounds simple, however to the new starter they simply do not realise that the role is very much a balancing act whilst working under pressure to deliver.

    The real problem in my opinion is two part, the first is that employers need to be more realistic and honest when it comes to the employment process – explaining what a realistic OTE actually means to a new starter, the pressures, the challenges.

    The second part is that candidates really need to understand the role before they even go for the interview and are blinded by the 18K basic. Perhaps – take a two day mini course before they can even apply for a recruitment role? At least by doing so, you reduce the surprise factor after six month?

  3. that’s a very good analogy considering that some recruiters just view their job in just interviewing and not adapting a “sales” attitude

  4. Recruitment companies are the worst culprits for “hiring the wrong staff”. So recruiters fail because they are not suited to the job. This is from someone who spent 8 years in recruitment.


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