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Are we getting the most out of LinkedIn? The answer may surprise you!

What made me pose the question in the first place, was that while I was canvasing recruitment consultants within the driving/logistics market, I was amazed how few were actually using Linkedin or any form of social networking. I can understand that there will be very few lorry drivers who have a profile, but there are a few thousand decision makers!

So I decided to look at a sector that would be more suited to using LinkedIn and decided to focus on REC members who specialise in accounting staff within the NW. As it turns out there are only 25 companies to look at. It may not be a huge sample but given the specialism I thought it should be a good industry given their profile to test, rather than IT or construction sector.

So with all the hype about LinkedIn for recruiters, I was expecting at least 90 % of these recruitment companies to be utilising the site to its full potential, but in truth the reality couldn’t be any further away.

Of the 25 recruitment companies only 7 had a company profile and just 8 had more than 500 connections. What was even more surprising was that there were 9 companies with no representation at all on LinkedIn! I thought I cannot believe it given the benefits, so I thought I would have a quick look at the healthcare sector and within minutes I was getting the same results, well to be honest worse.

So going back to Accountancy recruitment I thought I would see how many accountants were actually registered on Linked in in the NW (25 mile radius to be exact) and I came up with just under 4,000

I have to admit I was dumfounded and interestingly the companies that did have a profile were the more successful organisations.

When you think that LinkedIn is free and is probably one of the best ways to show case your abilities, it beggars belief that less than 30% have a corporate profile.

I do not think I need to say much more to be honest, except that maybe I shouldn’t have let out this piece of news!


  1. Stephen,
    This does not surprise me one little bit (which is a shame)!

    While working with recruitment companies at the moment – i find that it is the exception rather than the rule that recruitment consultants have good LinkedIn pedigrees!!
    What is it they don’t get?
    When I do LinkedIn training and show them the potential, they are like they have just met Santa Claus! Are they really that niaive to not know about it?

    Is is not as if they haven’t got this new fangled thing called the internet, is it now?


  2. In my humble opinion as a jobseeker, there are altogether too many spammers on LinkedIn. These types are jamming up my inbox with their crazy *getrichquick* claims – the latest incarnation of the Nigerian scam mail or Lottery-winnings letter – and you can’t block them when you’re in groups with them, as you can when they try and spam you out on Twitter or in your inbox. I joined one LinkedIn group which was supposed to be for UK jobs only, well, 99% of the group digest mail was from these time wasters and many of the replies from people in India and Africa who appeared to be keen on taking them up on these schemes. It’s no wonder my current firm blocks the use of LinkedIn and advises against registering using a work e-mail! It’s just not worth the level of intervention that allowing it would need. Maybe this is why many recruiters aren’t so keen, because they don’t have the time and resources to devote to monitoring their feeds to make sure nothing untoward gets through?

  3. Hi Danie
    An interesting point, although I would like to hear if others have this problem, I ask because I have been with LinkedIn for a few years now and I have had no unsolicited contacts. In fact quite the opposite, if someone does connect me, it has been an ex colleague or someone with a mutual business interest.

    In regards to LinkedIn groups, I belong to quite a few for my industry and generally there are always good discussions. If I had a complaint there are too many to get involved in but, it is quite easy to ignore them.

    In all honesty your company blocking LinkedIn is mad, it appears they have no idea how to use it and have classed it as a type of Facebook setup. LinkedIn can only have a positive effect for a business, I for one will always check out a company’s LinkedIn profile, before doing business and I am sure I am not the only one.

    The only reason I can think of for blocking LinkedIn, is if the company is trying to hide something, or embarrassed about their capabilities or they have no idea how to get the best out of it.

  4. Nice post, and i agree with u that LinkedIn is a probably one of the best ways to show case your abilities. This was actually my thoughts when 1st got to know of it.

    I’m actually quite surprise with your findings as i felt that LinkedIn is really good platform. Thanks for sharing this thought, Cheers.

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