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A job board just for your voice!!

This must be one of the most unique job boards that I have come across. The company is called Voice123 and the company specialise in voice overs for all kinds of industries, from the obvious including dubbing for films to answer phone messages.

Having been in recruitment for so many years I have always felt my voice is my best asset, as I have been able to get through so many doors using the phone.So I thought I would register my voice, to see if some talent scout can find me. To date I haven’t been inundated with offers but it would help if I had up loaded a recording of my voice!

What does concern me is that almost immediately after signing up I get an email for a possible role, to apply I need to sign up for a premium membership costing almost $200, as a result I am very suspicious. So initially I was keen to promote this site, now I am not so sure  from what seemed like a fantastic idea turns out to be an opportunity to take money from the unsuspecting.

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