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Recruitment Consultants Take Note

Recently I wrote a post called Recruitment Consultants are not all bad, mainly to re address some of the negativity aimed at our profession.

Although I am proud of what I do, I thought this post by Stuart Dallas caught my eye for many reasons, but in particular he outlines his poor experiences of Recruitment Consultants when searching for a job.  

I mean can you believe, some idiot managed to interview Stuart for his own job! On top of this he is forever being contacted for roles he is not suitable for, just because the keyword is on the CV, not heard of that before!!

It begs me to wonder if I wrote a cv saying I have no experience in Java, C++, html etc.. how many calls do you think I would get?

Although there was a recent survey promoting the point that candidates or clients are more likely to use agencies, it did come from an IT agency, which makes me wonder of its true validity.

Whatever the case if we as consultants do not improve our image or stop recruiting graduates out of university, we can only expect this to get worse. Mind you what do you expect when computer people put out a recruitment videos such as this, it isn’t surprising that Stuart had such a poor experience.

Here is the link to their video or should I say my post on it, but I noticed they have taken the video down of young graduates showing off how much they earn’t and how quickly they could get promoted, nothing about candidate or client care. Maybe the boss of Computer People read my blog, you just never know..

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