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Putting Consultant back into Recruitment

recruitment-consultant I just wanted to bring some attention to an excellent article over on the ideal people blog in regards to Linkedin and the worlds most influential headhunters.

Although Ideal People used it to self promote and rightly so, I did want to add a few of my own thoughts.

If I had found the time to put together my predictions for 2008 like a few of my peers, Linkedin would have been top of the list in its growing influence on the recruitment market place.

When I think of the criticisms aimed at our industry from clients and candidates and in many cases they have a point, I cannot help feel that Linkedin can re address this. There is no reason for anyone to say that "x consultant knows nothing about my industry" because their background and track record is all there to be seen, as Ideal People clearly outlined.

Linkedin could single handedly put the word "Consultant" back into Recruitment Consultant, and we could then be judged again on our ability to do the job we are asked to do and not be judged on the ability to send the fastest cv.

I cannot help think that Linkedin could be the most influential product for our industry, in its ability to expose the cowboys, something the REC couldn’t do!

So as recruitment consultants we need to continually show our credentials with our Linkedin profile to candidates and clients, if we are to improve the standards within Recruitment and stand out from the crowd.


  1. Stephen,

    What truth you speak! The shame is that many ( I would go as far as most) companies prefer to work with quick draw Mcgraw consulants who seem to produce the instant CV’s. They seem to forget the what has been thrown at the wall to get the one good cv,and the on- cost of their management time. Maybe thats where LinkedIn is missing a trick – as still many people in the corporate world have never heard of LinkedIn!! It takes the likes of us to tell them and bang the drum, which I know works but it is very slow that way!!


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