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Recruitment Agents are Scum!

OK I do have to apologise, not necessarily for the title but my complete absence from the blogosphere for over a couple of weeks. I must admit I have had a complete aversion to my computer recently, I just cannot look at it after 6pm. I do not know how others find it, but it has taken it’s toll mentally after having read so many post till the early hours for more than 2 years, something had to snap. At the weekend I don’t care how many visits I had or what emails I have received, whereas in the past I was going frantic not knowing!!

What I think made it worse is every day I said to myself I need to write a post, the pressure was making it worse, but an email I received from an ex colleague has motivated me to click on “write a new post”, thanks to Nicola.

The article in question was by Nick Halstead, entitled “10 Reasons why I hate Recruitment Agents”, what made it stand out was that it was from a clients perspective not a candidates. What I think it shows is that clients are not so stupid, as some recruiters may think. So it doesnt surprise me that Nick should think we are scum!

I am not going to go into all of Nick’s comments because if you are a recruiter worth your salt, you will understand the value of his comments and if you combine this with Emma’s post on louises blog “How to get a client to take your call seriously” then you have all the amunition you need to succeed.

But for me the same thing still applies be honest and treat everyone with respect and professionalism and will not go far wrong, still at least Nick knows we can do a good job sometimes 😉

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