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zenrec-logoOne of the great things about writing this blog is I get sent items to review, generally Job boards but none the less I get to see some new ideas first.

Yesterday I received an email from Colin of Zenrec introducing me to theirs, although I have seen a few in my time, this is something different and for that reason I was keen to write a few comments.

What I really like about Zenrec is that they have “thought outside the box” and not like others trying to knock recruitment companies, they have looked at the positives. This site is aimed at companies who already see the benefit of using Recruitment consultants who either don’t have a preferred supplier or they have a difficult position to fill and their current supplier doesn’t specialise in that market.

So all the client needs to do is upload the vacancy for free and that then it is distributed to all the agencies that specialise in their industry or market. Then the registered consultants can send relevant cvs to the client.

It is a simple idea with huge potential, if they succeed I can see them growing and become an alternative to Broadbean and if you include a bit of the of the web 2.0 phenomena and enable scoring, they may even succeed where the REC has failed.

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