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Its a funny old thing the web and blogs, you never really know where you will end up!

Its a funny old thing the web and blogs, you never really know where your going to end up at times. Yesterday I came across Blue Sky Resumes, which I considered writing some positive comment on.

What struck home was after reading their example resumes, it really pointed out how important it is to have one professionally written, if you want to be taken seriously for any senior executive role. This is a huge switch in my opinion, as I have rewritten thousand’s of cvs in my time, so to consider spending money on having a resume written for me, is a major shift and saying that having looked at mine recently it sure could do with a lot of tender loving care.

So to get back to the main point, I came across Career Hub today I really liked the way it was written and noticed they are giving away their new Careers Guide to JobSearch, which is a great read but just below the icon for the ebook I couldn’t help notice Louise’s photo, I thought I recognize that picture, quality always shines through!

While I am on this point is it true the Jobster have taken over

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  1. Hey Stephen just wanted to say hello and let you know that I know for a fact that Jobster acquired I don;t think they took over

    BTW, saw you submitted some stuff to Thanks and I hope you continue. lots of interesting things to read out there



  2. Hi Jason

    Thanks for that, I will correct can’t believe I miss spelt the link, I will have to watch out for that.

    While I am here just want to say the site looks superb, and I hope the relationship goes well with Jason Goldberg he seems really switched on having had some communications with him in the past.

    But seriously the site looks very slick, I hope it goes well for you guys and girls over there.


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