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Are we better Recruiters than the Americans?

Today I was contacted by Louise of UK Recruiter who wanted to reach out to UK Recruitment Consultants, to pass on some of their trade secrets.

The quote is below.

I’m starting a new feature in the newsletter and on the blog and as part of it am keen to speak with successful recruiters. Any type of recruitment at any level.

I’d like to speak with recruiters who are prepared to share information about the secret of their success.

If you are interested, or can recommend anyone I should talk with, please email or call me.

Kind regards
UK Recruiter Ltd
phone: 07724 197830
website: You can read my blog at:

I have to admit I will be interested to see what response Louise gets, as for some reason the UK isn’t so keen to share its recruitment knowledge as our American counterparts do, as we can see with Bill Vicks one minute interviews and Jim Strouds podcasts.

Are we just scared to pass on our secrets or is their a bigger fundamental reason! Whatever the case I really do hope that some of the UK big billers, do share some of their secrets.

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    This is my first time to your blog. I like the content on the site!

    This is the first time it has been brought to my attention that UK recruiters are more tight-lipped than all of us in the States. I know you touched on this in your post, but, what do you think attributes to this?

    My one theory is that the US economy has progressed a little faster towards the knowledge economy, and insights are valued and recognized more formally. Any thoughts?


  2. Hi George

    Thanks for passing by, I have to admit this could be a very interesting topic. Although the UK recruitment industry has grown rapidly, the US did not seem to catch on as quickly at the beginning.

    What I have noticed is that it appears to be more professional in the US, rather than the UK. This could be due to the sheer number of agencies in the UK making it very competitive and thereby resulting in a numbers game, which in turn has resulted in a poor service. This has certainly tainted recruitment consultants being often referred to as a pest!

    I would be keen to hear more comments on this topic. Also I took a look at your site and thought I would mention my recruitment experience has been mainly healthcare.


  3. I’m American, living here in London a few years, so maybe I can shed some light on your questions. I too have noticed the lack of sharing on how to succeed as a recruiter in the UK.

    First of all, Americans are across the board more open about everything. Secondly, with a large population, there will always be tons of candidates and open positions, so no worries about losing out. In London, if you are a niche recruiter, there is a finite (albeit still sizeable) number of candidates and one helluva lot of recruiters competing. Recruitment in the US is not nearly as commonplace as it is here. I think Stephen is right about the sheer number of recruiters here contributing to shoddy service. But overall I don’t think Americans are wholesale better or worse at recruiting than the British. It boils down to individual people and companies.

    What I’d like to know is why there are so many recruitment companies in London and how on earth they survive!!


    Mary Rose

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