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Been made Redundant!

As more and more people are made redundant the competition for vacancies has become even greater, then add to this many of them now find themselves having to cope with the advances in web 2.0, making searching for a job completely different from even 5 years ago, or even less.

In the past responsible employers would use the services of Outplacement Consultants, who would hold the hand of the candidate and help him or her get back on track, but with so many redundancies and changes within the market,  is the candidate getting the best possible value?

I suppose the answer is probably no, because with all recruitment being web based these days, it was only a matter of time when someone would bring out a web based outplacement package. Which is where comes in to play to help companies ensure they give their ex employees the best possible start in their job hunt.

MyWorkSearch are a relatively new company set up by Richard Alberg, who is probably the ideal person to develop such a specific package. Building on his success with PSL  (Psychometric Services Ltd.) an online assessment system, which he later sold to Kenexa Corporation is no new comer when it comes to knowing the hoops you need to get through these days to find a new job!

Richards philosophy is that for a candidate to harness the power of the internet in finding a job, it needed to be all under one roof, a complete package dedicated to helping the candidate find a new job. More importantly it should be available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, because the web is.

So being a fan of web based recruitment systems, I was more than keen to have a look round and give a short review.

Having had time to play around I was particularly impressed with the amount of support that was available to anyone using the system, from the many videos explaining every step, to mock interviews and of course how to harness the power of the internet. But for me what really stood out is he grasped the idea that you need to get it all under control and build a online profile separate from anything else you may do online to even a dedicated email for this one task.

For more info this video should give you a good overview or even test it free for 14 days

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