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Do You Need Unbiased Help for your Interview?

When it comes to these Job Interview Tips, I was thinking that not everyone has the benefit or help of a Recruitment Consultant or mentor, so as to help why not post your questions to me, that is of course if you do not find anything in my previous posts.

You can email me at or post your question in the comments section of this post and I will pick it up. Having helped thousands of job hunters over the last 20 years I would like to think I can give some advice.

Interviews for a new job can be daunting affair and therefore a little help and support can go a long way, in fact helping people to succeed in getting their ideal job is something I have always enjoyed.

Also don’t forget it is the job of the recruitment consultant to help you so make sure you quiz them, because they often have some insider knowledge that can make all the difference.


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