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Interview Tips for a Brain Surgeon

When you send your cv to the company there is of course no guarantee that you will even get the interview, particularly if you do not have that much experience. Hopefully though you have been getting some work experience, while you have looking for your ideal position because I can guarantee it is always easier to get a job if you are in one. It is really a process you need to go through to get that ideal role and the interview is only part of it, if you want to be a Brain Surgeon then a degree in Mathematics isn’t going to get you far. So no matter how well the interview goes you will not succeed in getting the job as a Brain Surgeon.

I know that this is obvious but you will be amazed how many people apply for jobs that they are not suited for, OK it is good to be positive but in time the countless rejections will get you down, It is important to look at where you are now, where you want to be, and then work a plan. Lets say you want to be a Brain Surgeon, then you need to find out what qualifications you need, what experience and most importantly have you the basic skills.

I have no idea what experience you need to become a Brain Surgeon but I do know it takes many years and starts from when you are at school, which sums up the dedication you need.

It is the same for any position that you apply for, experience is key and without it no matter what Job Interview Tips I give you it will make no difference at all.


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