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I was pleased to see a prolific Blogger, Mike Pegg who incidentally just wrote his 1500th on Google Maps Mania yesterday, by announcing his hard work and passion has resulted in landing his dream job at Google. He couldn’t have put it better as in his quote below.

This will be my last post on Google Maps Mania, but as far as the Google Maps API is concerned, I’m going far. In fact, I’ll be closer to it. I have accepted a (dream) position on the Geo-Marketing team at Google as a product marketing manager for the Google Maps API. This is obviously very, very exciting for me. It’s not very often that you are given the opportunity to take the personal passion you have for something and turn it into a full time job. I’m fortunate enough to be doing this now, and it feels like a chance of a lifetime.

Still I can relate to this with my Recruitment Views blog, which certainly helped me land my perfect job at Arithon two years ago. Still about then I remember writing about another A list Blogger Robert Scoble, who left Microsoft, which I am sure had a lot to do with his blog. I am pleased to see that it proved to be a good move as after 2 years he has now gone solo with It just shows there is no better medium than blogging to get you noticed and show your passion about what you love doing.

Best of luck Mike


  1. I’ve got to admit its true, stephen’s obvious expertise in recruitment, shown through his blogging, is one of the most memorable reasons we choose stephen to join arithon.

    Roderick Smyth, CEO, Arithon

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