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How to get an Interview? (Recruitment Ads)

To get an interview the easiest route is to find a company, which is actually recruiting at present, so you need to scour the press and the Internet. The Internet to recruiting is the perfect marriage when it comes to finding a job; the skill is to know where to look.

A big tip for you is that not all companies advertise all their jobs and not all agencies deal with every company. When it comes to the UK most agencies advertise on the web and for the UK they will use either Monster or TotalJobs There are countless others but my next choice would be a recruitment site that is dedicated to your industry.

Companies have not quite taken to the Internet yet so they tend to use adverts in publications such as Newspapers or Magazines and some companies will only use recruitment consultancies, which can be from one to all. So if you are registered with one agency you could be missing out on some positions.

I also recommend that when it comes to searching the Internet it is important to understand how to use the search function, to really find the role you are looking for. Lets take for example if the position you want is a National Sales Manager you need to put the phrase in speech marks i.e. “National Sales Manager” and if it is a particular market you want such as fmcg or computer’s then the use of AND is important and of course maybe location so as to bring the choice of possibilities down from thousands to a more manageable number, so the search will look like this: “National Sales Manager” AND “fmcg” AND “Cheshire” With this search criteria you get 431 with Google, which is down from 18,000, without the speech marks and the use of AND. Also a useful tip is to also use the term NOT particularly if you get a large return for a particular area that is of no interest.

The other great thing about Job Boards is you can load your cv onto them and wait for the agencies to contact you and have Job adverts emailed to you each time they are loaded onto the site that fit a certain criteria. Interestingly I put my cv onto a job board last week and was contacted the same day!!

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