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30 May 2006

Assessment specialist PSL is proud to announce a significant security enhancement in online testing. By implementing sophisticated IRT – item response theory – scoring methodology they are now able to identify candidates who may have had assistance whilst completing online reasoning tests.

Drawing from their extensive data bank of scores – collected from candidates completing online tests – PSL are able to assign marginal probabilities to candidate’s responses and indicate whether an applicant’s pattern of responses is likely to be unusual.

PSL are able to achieve this by using Bayesian scoring techniques. This technique will allow test administrators to see if applicants’ response patterns are typical of those completing an online test.

PSL is at the forefront of research in this area and this latest development is an extension of a study first presented by PSL at the British Psychological Society DOP conference.

“Using a range of sophisticated algorithms we can spot unexpected responses and scores,” says Richard Alberg, Chief Executive of PSL. “We can then recommend to clients for which candidates supervised retesting would be useful. In this way clients receive all the efficiency and cost benefits of unsupervised online assessment whilst dramatically reducing the risks of cheating. This is an example of PSL’s cutting-edge R&D delivering practical benefits to our clients and is just one of the reasons why so many employers are switching to PSL.”

PSL is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of online tests and their clients include Cadbury Schweppes, Deloitte, the European Personnel Selection Office, HMV, Lloyds TSB, Siemens Business Services, Superdrug and Toyota.

For more information about PSL’s online tests, please call 020-8585 2345 e-mail

Weblink: Background notes: Founded in 1989, PSL develops ability tests and personality questionnaires, for selection and development, and it provides consultancy and training. For further information about PSL – or if you’d like to speak to Richard Alberg, Chief Executive of PSL, about online psychometric testing – please call Michael Gegg on 020 8585 2334 or e-mail him at

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