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linkedin plans for the UK

DIYWell I have to apologise for the lack of posts recently, which is down to some much needed home DIY, so writing on Recruitment Views took a back seat I am afraid.

Although I have not finished the tiling of the bathroom and if I waited till till then, it could be a month before I write another post!!

So to get back into the swing of it I must mention that I had a short tele-meeting with the new Marketing Director for Linkedin Europe, or more importantly the UK a Shannon Clouston.

What made me contact them in the first place was a recent comment on UKrecruiter Forum by Victoria “Does anyone know why LinkedIn have stopped offering Pro accounts to staffing companies?” So with such an important comment, I thought I should look into it, as I found it hard to believe as recruiters would be a key contributor to their revenues.

I was pleased to get a quick respones from Shannon, who confirmed that this was not the case and is far from it. He has recently joined Linkedin to help grow the European arm with their new London office, opened just 3 months ago. He also said if any other consultancies had any questions or issues then please feel free to contact him direct.

What Shannon was keen to mention, is that they will be looking to grow with future collaborations, such as their relationship with Business Week, a new package for corporate clients, a face lift and more investment, all of which can only help recruiters achieve more.

Oh and just in case you didn’t notice either, they have their own blog which I suggest you subscribe to, to get all their updates.

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