Credit where Credit is due

Data Recovery Software Needed

Since Friday my laptop crashed with a virus and as a result I was unable to do any work, let alone write on recruitment views. I have to admit the first day was bad, it was a little like coming off drugs, not that I would know of course!

So 6 days later instead of pulling my hair out, it felt more like a holiday, no checking of stats, no canvas calls just peace and quiet and a few of those household chores were finally completed.

Anyway I digress, the only reason for this post is to say thanks to the Village Idiot who managed to save Recruitment Views from a small disaster. For some unknown reason I was unable to login to the site, the password didn’t work and the email reminder didn’t either, but the Village Idiot’s piece of code for resetting the password in wordpress worked a treat, so thanks again I really appreciated it.

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  1. You are so welcome 🙂 Just make sure you have deleted the file, or the possibility for another disaster exists! 😛

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