Merry Christmas to you all from Recruitment Views

Well another year has gone, which for the Recruitment industry has been particularly tough and I am sure we are hopping for a more prosperous 2010.

For me the year has been mixed with many highs, but loosing my father to cancer will of course be the lowest point.

So what happened during the year for me and recruitment views, well it all started with my first guest speaking role in Ireland for the National Recruitment Federation, which after my most controversial post for the year meant another opportunity as a guest speak at the Guardian, fame was beginning to grow…well that was until I was targeted from America, as public enemy No 1

I suppose one of the biggest changes of the year has been the Twitter phenomenon, which I reluctantly took up only to realise how handy a tool it was, don’t they say “never say never”.

But I think one of the highlights of the year was meeting up with Peter Gold and Andy Hedworth, two of the most influential recruitment bloggers in the UK.

So what is planned for 2010, well I have a couple of things one of which is probably a …… I think I will announce in the New Year, just in case it al goes belly up! Secondly I really need to get back to regular posting.

But in the meantime I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a profitable New Year and as you try to get to work this morning wondering what has happened to this global warming, then maybe you should read this on global cooling by James Delingpole of the Telegraph.

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