Office Worker versus Working From home

Today I have finally managed to book my flight home, which will mean the end of 3 weeks of joining the throng of commuters each morning heading for the city.

Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the novelty of it, certainly for the first week and amazingly the weather was better here than Granada!

As the weeks drew on I soon realised I was not getting as much work done and it really put into perspective the comments that I usually get, such as; “how lucky you are” or “I wouldn’t have the discipline to work from home” Which really means they think I have a cushy number and if they were at home they wouldn’t do anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What became evident very quickly is I actually achieve less by going to an office. The day is continually disrupted by handling phone calls for other workers, chatting to co workers about the football or corrie and all this disrupts your train of thought and makes writing of this post take at least 3 times longer to put together.

Come 5.30pm we leave and get on with our social life, which I have to say I enjoy, it is a moment to switch off. In many ways these are the things that I miss that interaction with other people. The winner of course is the boss; he does get a lot of hours for his bucks!

Saying all that I prefer to work from home, it is the flexibility you have to get things done, particularly as ones creativity doesn’t always fall between 9am and 5.30.

You do have to be very careful when working from home, because it is too easy to sit in front of the computer from 7am to midnight and that of course is not healthy and you do need to physically get up and get away, by Friday I am craving to get out.

The biggest negative for me is that if you are not careful you can be the employee who often gets missed, for functions and more importantly promotion, so it is important to keep the communication lines open particularly with the boss.

Now my flight is booked I will be glad to get home to be with my family and to stop spending £10 per day just for the privilege of going to the office. I miss my daughter coming home from school, demanding a hug, before she gets on with her homework, which makes it all worth while.

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