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Louise asked me to give a plug for her Recruitment Blog Aggregator, as Louise knows I would never say no, so I have fully published below.

The one stop shop for UK Recruitment Blogs
“UK Recruitment blogs” is a one page guide to what UK recruitment bloggers are talking about.  It aggregates blog feeds from a variety of UK bloggers specialising in recruitment and is updated every 30 minutes.  It’s an excellent way to keep up to date with news and views from the industry.

The UK Recruitment Blogs website was created by Louise Triance (founder of in January this year.  When it was first launched there were less than a dozen blogs on the page.  Now there are nearly four times that amount. Louise is happy to add UK recruitment related blogs to the site – just drop her a note at
UK Recruitment blogs can be accessed at
Louise Triance

Just to add to this I want to reiterate the benefit to Recruitment Consultants to subscribing to RSS feeds, not only to Recruitment blogs for the wealth of knowledge that is often made available for free, but also you should be receiving live feeds from blogs within your chosen industry, how else are you going to be an expert in your field of recruitment!

If you do not yet know how to do it just find this logo rssfeed_logo  on your browser, click on it and you will the see a message saying subscribe to a feed often a choice, I use Google Reader but there are many alternatives. Once done you will never miss a post.

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