How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Recruit Wisely or it will be your downfall

When it comes to recruiting your first consultant there are many factors, such as personality, drive, hard work, maturity, professionalism, experience, even the way you train or manage them will have a huge influence on whether they succeed or not.

I am not going to go into what makes a good consultant, I just want to emphasis that your new consultant can be the difference between success and failure.You will need to have enough working capital to carry someone, who will likely not produce anything in their first 3 months, maybe even more. In addition you will hang on thinking they may suddenly produce business, the likely hood is they wont, but they will bring your company down in the process.

The only real way to ensure this doesn’t happen or at least help limit the damage is to TAKE REFERENCES!! I know that most of you wont bother, because hey you were the top recruitment consultant, right!. Take it from me, if I had checked references I could have avoided some horrendous heart ache.

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