How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

Serviced Offices for Recruitment = lost business

Now I could be venting at an unprofessional recruitment company that I have just called, but my bet is they are in serviced offices. I am not mentioning any names, as I cannot be sure it was Regus.

In general I think serviced offices have their place in getting your company off the ground, as the alternative can be very expensive. Saying this I have a word of warning, do not use their receptionists to answer the phones, unless you want to loose clients and candidates.

The problem is they are answering calls for all the companies in the building and often for other buildings too, so your client will be in a queue, with the response "please hold the line" and before they can say anything they are put on hold, talk about annoying and then they are then left long enough to call another agency!!

OK it may make your business seem bigger than it actually is, but to be honest recruitment is a people business and if one of my clients calls me I do not want to miss the opportunity, just because the receptionist is answering another call. So my advice is give out your direct line number, then you are in control, I promise you they will not think any less of you.

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  1. Service is top of our agenda, creating impact for our clients through excellence of service.

    We have recruitment clients within our building who are completely satisfied with their call handling by our receptinist (also 20 clients per two members of staff). We are very aware of the need for speedy and efficient handling of calls for all clients as a lost call can mean lost revenue for any business, not just recruitement.

    Our client says, “City Spirit, provide an excellent client service; their enthusiastic team deliver a professional and friendly service at all times. We have found their facilities and service provided have greatly assisted in our growth expansion capability”.

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