Ex Recruiter succeeds out of Recruitment

Although I have not written anything for three months it doesn’t necessarily mean I haven’t been keeping an eye on what was going on within Recruitment or at least getting some inspiration for Recruitment Views!

My excuses for not writing has been as a direct result of my father getting cancer and then passing away within these 3 months, so of course the motivation was not quite there. One of my fathers greatest attributes is to think of others more than himself, some of which I have inherited. I am convinced this is probably why I succeeded at recruitment, because at the end of the day it is about helping the candidate and client achieve their goals.

Recruitment is I feel a great career not only in recruitment, but more often than not it is a lunch pad onto greater things, because of the great variety of skills you gain. The most obvious is to start your own recruitment company from the experience gained such as sales skills, people management and the ability to run a small business, all of which I feel can often create or maybe help those with an entrepreneurial spirit succeed. This could not be better highlighted than a young ex recruiter called Danny Moore.

I met Danny just over a month ago at an Innospace function, which I have to say is one of the best places to start your own business, where you get an office address in the centre of Manchester for just £250 per year, you couldn’t do better! If you then add free training, inspiration from regular speakers and to work in an environment where your rubbing shoulders with other entrepreneurs what more could you want.

Danny after leaving recruitment set up a company called Intafood, a company which sells individual packs of ingredient to make your ideal curry and runs classes to learn how to do Asian cooking.

Although it is still rather early to tell how successful he will be, but one thing is for sure his recruitment training and the environment he is in will ensure his success. What I can say is that having now tried a couple of his curry packs the result was the best curries I have ever made, in fact better than any I have tasted from a restaurant and for that alone he deserves to succeed.

You can read a little more of his story here.

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  1. I love stories like these – where people succeed in (or are in the path to succeed in) industries that aren’t directly related to their beginnings, because it makes you realize that most businesses and jobs come from a common foundation. We can learn so much especially from recruitment because it’s very people-oriented, and this skill is at the core of so many other industries out there.

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