OK OK I will give it a go!!

OK I have tried and tried to resist using Twitter, so for someone who is supposed to be relatively up to date when it comes to social networking, my arm has finally been twittered, sorry twisted!

You know you have no choice when a Ex employee of mine Nick Langley, pops up on my news reader for recruitment, saying:

“Advance Recruitment Medical Sales Jobs Twitterfeed now Online
WebWire (press release) – Atlanta,GA,USA
Nick Langley, Managing Director of Advance Recruitment, one of the UK’s leading medical sales recruitment agencies comments: “We recognise that people are …”

I wouldn’t mind but he is based in Manchester and secondly Nick, isn’t seen as the most web 2.0 savvy chap in the world, I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that!

So far I have not seen too many using twitter as a way to promote their vacancies and having tested it out, I can now see why Nick has done so. Mind you why anyone would want to know what I am doing every 10 mins of the day, it would be beyond me and on top of that have I the time, probably not.

Then Holly, forwards me a couple of press releases from Recruitment Juice, which are you are open to comment on, says Holly. One is on 10 commandments of Job Hunting Success and the other is Recruitment Juice Canvasses Experts on Candidate Perceptions, which you can download as a PDF, which I thought would be better than reading here.

What did make me laugh is her PS:

Have you given into the Twitter temptation yet? Do let me know as there’s some great recruitment conversations happening these days and an event “tweetup” coming up for the sector on 18th in London you might enjoy!

So OK I will give it a go, and give Andy Headworth something to follow, as my only follower so far, mind you I was impressed with Andy’s 748 followers, a reflection of his quality blogging I am sure.

So here goes my twitter is


  1. Don’t get confused by number of followers and blog posts; very different things and volume of interest generated through different strategies.

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