Is this the new face of the recruitment blogoshpere!

headhunterAs Recruitment Views finally moves into it’s Third year, I have seen a few recruitment blogs come and go, which isn’t surprising as writing continuously for 2 years hasn’t been the easiest thing to maintain at times.

In that time the “UK recruitment blogoshere” has grown from just a handful to an excellent range of bloggers, but it has been a while since a new kid on the block has come in to stir things up since Peter Gold and about time if you asked me.

So who is this new kid on the block, well apparently some tribal leader calling himself the Blunter Headhunter. I am not sure who he is except that he says he is a headhunter from London, wanting to vent some spleen and he certainly is.

So if you expect him to pussy foot  around recruitment issues, then I would avoid it at all costs with comments like, and I am picking the least offensive here “The city is well and truly  rogered” will not win many friends but then again I do not think that is what  he is looking to do. So Blunder Headhunter welcome on board and I look forward to reading many more posts, as I am sure the rest of us will do too.

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