How to Get Into Recruitment

First Interview Preparation

Assuming that you now have an interview with your ideal recruitment consultancy, you will need to prepare no matter how informal they tell you the interview is. It is always better to be over prepared than under because it will give you confidence and focus.

Based on this I suggest that you prepare a presentation as there is something psychological in the process, which will ensure the interview goes well, not only that it will give you an edge.

Preparing for an interview these days is so simple because virtually all companies now have a web presence, so there are no excuses for not knowing about the company you have the interview with.

It still surprises me that people still do not check out the company website before they arrive. In fact companies will mark this against you so No Excuses!

When you prepare for the interview I believe it is worth putting together a small presentation folder specific for the role and the company, it always looks better than just turning up. Generally I buy a A folder with clear plastics sheets inside, where I can drop the cv in etc.

Below I have outlined the things that I would generally put in the folder:

  • A Front page (Name, Location, Time of interview and Name of interviewer)
  • The CV (only 3 pages here please!)
  • Show proof of success such as pay slips, awards, letters of commendation etc (Proves your ability)
  • Information on the company you have the interview with (Print out from web etc) NB this shows you have done your research. Also it is often worth printing out details of the company you worked for, I am sure you have heard “a picture paints a thousand words.”
  • List of 5 questions for the company (Saves that embarrassment when they ask have you any questions)
  • List of 5 reasons why you can do a job for them (This they do not need to see but will help you sell yourself)
  • Print 3 copies so that when you can leave you can leave them one, which will go down well.

Spend some time on getting this and right and ensure you have some one read over it and dont forget to check the Grammer and Spelling is up to scratch.

Although this may seem a lot of work putting a presentation together for the company, even-though it may not be necessary, it is worth the effort. There are many reasons for this, one because once done it will only take short time to prepare for another if you are unsuccessful with the first. Secondly I can promise you will have an edge over the competition not just because you have one but because the process of writing one focus you on getting the job rather than just turning up.


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