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Recruitment Consultant jobs board launched!

Finally after a couple of attempts Recruitment Views has finally launched its own recruitment consultant job board.

Although it has taken a number of years to find the ideal software package to integrate with this blog or my ability to develop my ability to grasp programming! It was an obvious step considering the thousands of targeted visitors who visit Recruitment Views, at the end of the day the people who read my blog are in fact Recruitment Consultants.

The other question was whether to target just recruitment companies or to include rec2rec agencies, considering the negativity within the industry over some rec2rec agencies. On this point I am still divided and maybe the best way forward is to see how the job board develops. My initial thought was to enable agencies to advertise for free, but given the quality of targeted readership then it seems only fair to charge per vacancy.

What I do hope is that if you are looking for your first step into recruitment or as a experienced recruiter looking to develop your career then is the place to find your ideal position. While at the same time gaining some valuable tips on how to break into the recruitment sector, maybe it is worth reading my thought on “what is a recruitment consultant?” orĀ  how to get into recruitment maybe a good place to start on your search for a new career.

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