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Last week while trying to recover from the flu I was contacted by Andy Goodwin of Agency Seeker asking for a link from Recruitment Views, at the time I was in no condition to do anything until now.

I get many requests, but I thought I would give them a mention as I felt it was a good tool for recruiters and an alternative to Agency Central.

Where I believe Agency Seeker wins is in its ease of use and a modern clean friendly design, but where they stand out is by giving you more for your advertise spend, as you can advertise your recruitment roles and your general vacancies at the same time, a bit like a one stop shop.

One thing is for sure it is going to be difficult for them to make their mark due to the competition and the current state of the market, but what they have is an innovative style and with their competitive pricing policy and the ability of candidates to find their ideal agency by postcode, then they have the basis of a successful venture, certainly worth taking a look.

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  1. Its nice to have a vote of confidence in a tough market, our whole team has worked for many months to create a user friendly one stop shop for recruiters, candidates and employers. We will make our mark! we are here for the long term to make a difference in the on line recruitment market.Watch this space!.

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