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Getting past the Gate keeper

securityNow I am assuming anyone who reads my blog also reads Louise’s so this post I suppose is for everyone else 😉

Something I have talked about a lot is the generation of new business, probably because it was something I have gained a reputation for. You can read some of my tactics here. What I didn’t go into great detail was how to get past the Gate keeper, maybe because I have been doing this for so long I just never saw it as an issue, mind you there is still the odd contact I haven’t spoken to.

The reason why most people find this so difficult is because the client gets inundated with calls, which brings me to an excellent post from Louise, where we get a unique insite on how our clients see us, a must read.

So how do we get past the Gate Keeper, well Emma gives us a few clues and for me it was simple “be professional, make each call unique and never give up” this is the same technique I used to get on to PSL’s.

OK that may be over simplifying, but all I am saying is before each call remember that the client has been called 32 times today why should they speak to you!

Oh and one important fact always smile, they can tell and as Emma puts it “people buy from people”

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