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How Andy Headworth made 200k using Social media in recruitment

sirona-says-blogI am not sure if Andy is going to be happy with me posting this video of his presentation on Social Media and recruitment, but I am hoping that some of you recruiters out there take the time to watch.  I only say this because the value of the video or certainly his presentation would cost you to participate, so should it be available for free! (I think he is mad to have it up there on YouTube) Also Andy I apologise for using Sun style headline catcher

Saying that the value of the presentation is worth £200k to Andy, because he has implemented all the things he talks about. I for one would not have had the success with Facebook if it was not for Andy, I remember saying to him a year ago “I just do not get it” and I am supposed to be an expert in Social Media, well I write a blog if that counts.

So today and even though I do not have as much to do with recruitment, I came across Andy’s video and at 45 minutes long, I just knew I would get something from it and would be a good investment of my time. You see Andy doesn’t just “talk the talk, but can walk the talk” He uses the tools he talks about as he has recommended many to me.

As I reflect on Andy’s presentation I cannot help think how I have moved on, particularly coming from the old school of recruiting which was 100 calls a day. I used to wind up my managers at the time, saying a good day was when I only managed 20 calls. They never really got it!

In the last few years recruitment has changed again, were it became a case of who could send the CV the fastest and at that point the word Consultant was dropped from the title of “Recruitment Consultant”

Today with the social media tools at hand a recruiter can win back the title of consultant, because if you know your industry you will be known in your sector. No longer is it about CV’s but your experience and your connections that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Finally to add to the social media recruiting tools that Andy mentions (Andy not sure if you have tested this yet) I came across Nimble a completely different slant on a CRM. I kind of wonder if a recruiter would dare to ditch their recruitment software package and just do social media to recruit and could you bill 200k per annum using it!!

Anyway after a long introduction the video is below:

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