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After having popped over to "The Scoble Show" earlier, I noticed a product called Jajah which was initially promoted by Guy Kawasaki, whom I have on my blog role. Who incidentally has an interest in recruitment, I am pleased to say.

At the time when Guy pitched Jajah it didn’t really turn me on, as I was more than happy with Skype. I have a soft spot for Skype for many reasons, more importantly it gave me the freedom to work from home and remotely in Spain, who could want more!

One of the great things about Blogs you get to know who are the people to trust, which makes me think of Exceler8ion‘s post "We Come As We Are" So if Guy believed in the product and so did Richard, then I am sure it’s fine. Mind you the video helped, seeing the whites of the eyes of the CEO and the product in action, what more did I need.

To be honest I am sure it was just circumstances rather than whether Richard did a better sales job than Guy, as I had a genuine need. To explain in my day job I need to promote Arithon’s Recruitment Software, to do this I demonstrate the product online. When you combine this with Skype and gotomeeting the quality of the call drops and as a result I used the land line to call the UK, so Jajah became the answer to an expensive situation. I still use skype for canvass calls but the combination gives me more options.

There may be products as good if not better, but for me Jajah won the day when I called my Aunt to wish her a happy 80th birthday, because in the past the quality was so poor with Skype, so thanks Jajah and Robert.

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the cream on the top, is you can also run Jajah on a mobile, so now I am able to call my friends in the UK at the same price as if I was in the UK, what superb technology.

So if you do international recruitment or work abroad this may be something that maybe of help.

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  1. Great Post! Shannon and I recently signed up for Jajah because we have found skype and other voip services to be completely devoid of call quality. Since I have relatives in Australia (my mum and dad) I can call them now for free which is kind of hard to beat (as long as I call their land lines). Other countries, you can use a mobile and it is still free. If they add no-cost support for Zambia then we can call Shan’s sister who is in the Peace Corps there. For now, they charge $0.34 a USD a minute which is actually quite high (she has a cell phone only – landlines are $0.19 USD a minute). What do we like best? It’s not the ‘free’ – it’s the use of regular land line phones and mobile phones, that’s why Business 2.0 put Jajah on their list of ‘disruptors.’

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