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What No Blackberry for Christmas!

Power Save ClockWhy is it whenever you go on a company visit or out interviewing, there is always an urgent call to cancel or arrange an interview and you haven’t the candidates or the hiring managers number.

OK I could have one of these new Internet phones or a Blackberry or even the trendy I-phone, but there was none to be found in my stocking on Christmas day! Although I did get the new I-Pod Nano, so I could finally take my music with me. Yes I have to admit I have been a bit slow here, but that’s what comes from working from home.

Anyway to my surprise when I hooked it up to my computer, I found it synced with my Outlook contacts and diary so although I cannot pick up my emails at least I can find that urgent number without having to phone the office.

Mind you I am sure some companies will feel uncomfortable with this with data protection and all, but none the less a cheaper option than having to buy a Blackberry and the associated network charges.

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