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Is Linkedin a threat to the Recruitment Industry

Unsurprisingly I am confident that the answer will be NO. It isn’t because Linkedin is not capable or doesn’t have the desire, far from it they are very keen to get our corporate recruitment market, as can be seen with their Coroprate Solution and apart from that we all know how good the product is.

I have seen threats before, I thought 20 years ago when I first got into this industry it would be short lived when our clients would realise they could do it themselves, it wasn’t exactly difficult now was it!

20 years on recruitment has grown tenfold and this is unlikely to change, because our clients just do not have the time or the knowledge that we have. It is so easy to forget as a recruiter we have so many contacts and an up to date knowledge of our market, whereas recruitment is very often small part of theirs, so we will always have the upper hand thankfully!

So where am I going with all this, a small post from linkedin the other day showing one of their clients singing its praises, lets just hope that no one in HR gets to see the video below.

The interview is of Sashs Strauss the MD of Innovation Protocol, who has manged fill virtually all of his positions via Linkedin.

The video is below


  1. Please review the video again. My comments are clearly about using LinkedIn for business development and strategic partnerships. I don’t believe I ever mentioned recruiting or hiring.

    Executive recruiting isn’t going anywhere. It’s a specialized service with unique value. As long as you and your colleagues offer valuable insight, relevant experience, proprietary methods for candidate evaluation, etc., you and LinkedIn can continue to thrive in your relative spaces. And, I believe, elevate one another’s worth.

    Hope this helps,

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