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upyours I have to admit I am not a great fan of the REC, its not personal its just I have not heard a good word in their favour. The most common complaint is there is no real regulation of its members, the agency pays its money and gets the logo.

What has really ruffled my feathers is a small article in The Recruiter Magazine, on its inside back page. In my opinion it should be on the front page and we all should be kicking up a fuss.

What brainless idiot put “No agencies please” in its advert for a new CEO! I don’t think the term faux pas would be how I would describe it.

I think it’s a (censored) liberty that the our representatives for the recruitment industry haven’t the confidence in its own members. Who do they think they are!

I have to admit I am finding it hard not to fill this article with expletives, but basically its a slap in the face to all its members and non members within our industry.

Just as a reminder, this is what the The Recruitment & Employment Confederation say about themselves:

“the voice of the Recruitment Industry”

“is the only professional body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK recruitment industry.”

I would love to hear some readers comments on this issue.. 

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  1. Stephen,

    Couldn’t agree more – I recently vented some frustration at the same esteemed organisation – . They sit on their pedestal giving it the large one that they are the representative body to recruiters, taking the membership fees and waxing lyrical about how good they are!! If they were actually indicative of the industry they would have more members wouldn’t they??


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