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Job hunting gets easier with UK launch of new generation career site

Job hunting gets easier with UK launch of new generation career site

Get connected to the right job with PathMotion

London, UK. 28th April, 2010PathMotion, a new interactive career site connecting people to the right job, has launched in the UK. Designed to simplify the job hunting process, PathMotion helps students and young professionals identify the best career options by linking their experience, skills and career goals to the right professions, and then suggesting the most relevant vacancies.

Founded by David Rivel and working with leading industry experts, PathMotion has an innovative approach that:

  • Searches relevant jobs for candidates – Using fact-based algorithms, PathMotion identifies the most relevant professions best suited to the applicant’s strengths, interests and academic background
  • Contextualises relevant information about that job – PathMotion shows what other people have done before and after that job, identifies like-minded profiles so you can learn from their experience and even highlights famous people who have previously held that position

“With more than 350,000[i] students graduating this summer and 33%[ii] of professionals unsatisfied at work, we know there is a real need for an interactive career site like PathMotion. Generation Y is very demanding and wants to find the right jobs quickly, but with the confidence that it’s a step in the right direction for their career,” said David Rivel, CEO & co-founder of PathMotion. “We want to become the first place people go to look for a new job, because we can find the relevant job for them based on their experience, skills and career goals.”

To take part, people need to go online at, upload their CV and input their career goals and skills. For those who need help defining these, an intuitive test is available to identify career strengths and aspirations.



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