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International recruitment consultancy sees banking recovery.

I thought this press release from Huxley Associates is interesting, how is it the Banks can survive loosing billions and recover so quickly, hmmm oh yes we bailed them out. Still they are quick in pulling the rug from the small agencies… need I say more!

LONDON, UK, May 13th 2010

The major banks are slowly ramping up investment on recruitment, an indication that recovery for the global banking sector may well be on the horizon.

Over the past quarter, Huxley Associates, a leading financial services recruitment consultancy, has recorded an average rise of almost 10% per month in the number of placements it has made in the banking sector, across its network of offices.

This positive changing face of global banking has facilitated the opening this week of the company’s first office in Delhi, a venture that will respond to the demand from the banking community for high level banking technology professionals in the region.

Globally the number of placements that Huxley Associates has made has increased slowly but steadily on a monthly basis since January and looks set to continue. This thawing of the international recruitment freeze imposed by the majority of the major financial institutions is a sure sign that the sector is beginning to recover.

Furthermore, Huxley’s expansion into India at this time will enable the consultancy firm to develop its service further to global financial institutions, as Huxley Associates London Manager, Clare Russell explains:

“We have come such a long way since the company’s first office opened in the City back in 1995. This latest development will enable Huxley to continue its drive on the global scene as a recruitment specialist with local presence in multiple regions and to really excel in meeting the high-pressure needs of clients in the banking sector by placing skilled specialist staff in offices across their regions.”

This latest venture follows demand in India for a specialist recruitment consultancy that can deliver a client-focused model and source senior banking technology candidates from all over the world. While there are many high-volume, low-level staffing agencies in the country, Huxley Associates is among the first senior-level specialist recruitment consultancies with a global reach to establish a local presence in the region.

Annil Chandel, India Country Director at Huxley, said: “Our increasing global reach makes us a more serious contender at a local level and we are confident that we will soon develop a solid reputation with client companies across India.”

About Huxley Associates

Huxley Associates is a leading international recruitment consultancy in banking & finance as well as other sectors, with offices in 10 countries across North America, Europe and East Asia.

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  1. I was forwarded this comment on Vince Cable’s cabinet appointment, Ken Brotherston, CEO of Kinsey Allen International, the international executive search firm, and I thought it more appropriate to add here under comments

    Any way this is the quote:

    “This is a terrifying development. Vince Cable has been a leading critic of the UK banking sector over the last few years and, as Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman he demanded a clampdown on banking bonuses, and repeatedly referred to the investment banking sector as ‘casino banking’.

    The fact that he’s now been given special responsibility for the banks is real worry. Had he been named Chancellor, he might have had better things to do with his time, but this way, he’s going to have nothing to do but tinker with the banking system, potentially doing untold damage to the industry.

    During the campaign, Cable described bankers as ‘Scargills in pinstripes’ and pledged to limit cash bonuses to a maximum of £2,500. He may have piped down now – but the City shouldn’t imagine we have seen the last of his radical anti-banker side. If he gets the chance to impose a £2,500 cap on cash bonuses he will, at a stroke, ensure that the UK government loses billions of pounds in income tax and national insurance receipts and drive a much higher proportion of much needed talent to other financial centres around the world. Perhaps we will see India’s banks outsourcing to London. It would be funny were it not so frightening.”

    Ken Brotherston

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