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Jobtonic on Facebook

jobtonic Just as I was about to finish up for the day I receive an email from Alasdair at Jobtonic announcing that they are the first UK Recruitment Jobboard to take advantage of a new application within Facebook.

Obviously this is huge kudos for Jobtonic and even though it was getting late, I had to give Alasdair a call to congratulate him personally.

Although I have not got to grips with Facebook, mind you it would be a miracle if I found the time. I did know how popular it is with over 24 Million active users.

Thankfully Alasdair explained that this new application enabled Jobtonic?s job-o-matic plugin to intelligently read the user?s Facebook profile, in order to display jobs relevant to their location. Alasdair also said by reacting immediately to this new application they have managed to jump ahead of the competition, a major achievement.

For me this has to be one of the most ideal applications to take advantage of social networks, where users can see vacancies relevant to their background and more importantly can earn some extra cash by referring people they know.

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