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London, UK. December 2010 – The second generation of online recruitment has finally arrived with the launch of, a new social-careers website for students aged 16-24.

The new site has been founded by the team of experts who created AllAboutLaw, a leading law website boasting 20,000 unique monthly users, 52 clients and approximately one in four law students who log on regularly.

Launching in the New Year, aims to create a similar network and help get students off on the right foot by finding something they have a genuine passion for.

“On average, students spend one hour and 18 minutes on the internet each day[i]”, said Director Paul Harris. “With AllAboutCareers, they can put this time to good use and still interact and network with their friends. It’s a whole new take on online recruitment.”

“Everything on the site can be personalised to each user’s interests, meaning they won’t waste any time sifting through irrelevant careers. They can very quickly create a personal profile and tailor everything to suit to their needs. What’s more, they can see what their friends are up to and bounce ideas off each other.”

One of the key innovations of the AllAboutCareers site is the self-refreshing noticeboard. This keeps people up-to-date with industry news, allows them to see what other users are looking at and gradually become better informed. They can create groups, forum topics and discussions and bounce ideas off like-minded people.

Furthermore, they’ll be supplied with personalised RSS news feeds and have access to over 1,600 career-related articles, with new information supplied on a daily basis by recruitment-expert editors.

With more than 350,000[ii] students graduating each summer and 33%[iii] of professionals unsatisfied at work, there has never a better time for the launch of AllAboutCareers.

“From our experience of working with law students, we know that generation Y are an extremely demanding bunch,” said Paul. “They crave information and are so often underestimated. We want to supply them with information to make them more commercially aware, whilst organically developing as employees by using the site from day-to-day”.

To get involved, head over to in January, create your profile and you’ll be networking in no time at all.

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