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Diversity in the Office

Its been some time since I have posted a light hearted video, but as its Friday afternoon and I have had a good week, so I though why not.

Mind you it is hard to find something relevant for recruitment but “the office never” fails to to come up trumps. On this occasion I was inspired by a call from who wanted to advertise on Recruitment Views, although I have not taken them up on their offer, it certainly was nice to be considered. What it did make me wonder is how big an issue is Diversity in America, to even have a need for a website dedicated to it in the first place. 

In the UK we have a thing called equal opportunities, which is now embedded in our psyche when it comes to recruitment. I suppose the question is, “is it enough, are we doing more or less than our American counterparts?” Maybe Jim Stroud or Dave Mendoza have something to say on the subject and enlighten us UK recruiters.

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