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Mypeoplebiz dont look too busy to me!

I am sitting here looking at in a kind of amazement really, when you consider they launched back  in May and find that 6 months later they have only 32 vacancies available, tells me they are doing something wrong

OK there may have been some criticism at the time from Sirona, but at the end of the day the concept is fine and is different enough to succeed. If you then consider Ford are offering just under £6,000 as a placement fee to any agency who can find a Inventory Parts Manager, surely that shows there is some potential.

I am thinking someone at the company isn’t selling this service they are just waiting for clients to call them, how difficult is it to say to the HR Manager “How would you like me to stop the 100 of calls a month from recruiters and at the same time never miss a quality candidate” on top of this wouldn’t it stop the problem of duplicate applications?

Correct me if I am wrong, thousands of companies use agencies, they all want to save cost or be seen to use alternative methods to find candidates, then why has mypeoplebiz only got just a dozen or so clients.

A standard recruiter could achieve more than this on his or her own, it cannot be that difficult to sell!

Obviously it will not suit every company, but 32 vacancies I ask you, even I could do a better job.


  1. Great to see you back posing some interesting questions.

    Have they forgotten a fundamental business issue here? They need to actually sell their product to the right market.
    I wouldn’t for one second think that they haven’t been selling for the past 6 months, so my conclusion is that they have been selling to the wrong people. By wrong, I mean ones that aren’t buying!!

    I am just wondering who is in their sales team….a penguin maybe?

    So when will they present you with the challenge to turn their sales around then? ( You did put down the challenge, didn’t you? LOL)

  2. I certainly have no inside track on MyPeoplebiz but from a quick look I’d say that they are lacking focus – in my experience referral recruitment doesn’t work unless you are known for doing one (or a small number of things) well, and you have critical mass of relevant referrers.

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