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Trevor Bish-Jones takes on Recruitment

Well it seems that the failed chief executive of Woolworths has finally launched his recruitment job board, contrary to the seething advice from Andy of Sirona Says. I have to admit that I was about to lay into Trevor too, because at the end of the day we recruiters have seen it all before when someone without recruitment experience thinks they can do a better job!

I cannot criticise too much because at the end of the day if we do not change or adapt nothing would evolve and if you had to pick the biggest grave yard it has to be the dot.coms and in particular the job boards. So for Trevor to attempt this, it has to be a huge risk on an already dented profile.

So hearing of the launch I was looking to see if I could pick holes in their attempt to take on the likes of Monster and Linkedin, but at the end of the day I have to admit I really like the site, it has the potential to do really well, because the have understood what is missing from the referral websites Zubka and Jobtonic and has a clean and simple layout.

Unfortunately though by trying to be different their site could be open to abuse from candidates applying to the same job online, which the agency had already submitted then to and on top of this don’t forget companies use agencies to cut out the thousands of cvs they would need to scan, from every Tom Dick and Harry.

So do I think will succeed, my gut feeling is no because in truth it is just another job board in a crowded market, but I have to say the idea is innovative and with good investment they have the potential to break out of the crowd.

Still one thing Andy didn’t know is that Trevor is no fool, because he is in partnership with a sound recruiter in Frank Varela, whom I am sure can steer the company to success with his accute knowledge of the recruitment industry.


  1. I have just seen this article and wanted to thank you for your comments and for following the launch. There is a lot more to this site than meets the eye, for example there is a full candidate tracking system for everyone, employers, candidates, referrers and agencies, although I note the comment with regard to the site being open to abuse from candidates applying to the same job online, which the agency had already submitted to them, it will not allow duplicate applications. I addition there is a filtering system so that CV’s are ranked for the employer and there is no need to scan CVs either as it all logged for the employer automatically. I would be happy to provide you with a demonstration of all the functionality.

  2. I too saw this at the Onrec conference and had a chat with one of the sales guys. As a Corporate Recruiter, I can’t see the way this would help us reduce costs or time really. And I agree with Stephen. It seems another Job Board in a very over broked space.

  3. I’m all for this model of recruitment. But isn’t there a danger that (like and is spreading itself too thinly and will have trouble because it isn’t focused / have critical mass in a defined area. From HR Director of OC&C to Junior Account Manager for a Marketing Design company (two example on the site at time of writing this comment) all all things in between – where is the focus point?

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