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whosoff One of the huge benefits of reading blogs is that you get to hear of new technology almost as it happens, most of it isn’t for recruitment/staffing industry but today is an exception, as I came across Whosoff a web application for the HR manager, company secretary or even the MD.

It is a great web application and one that I will be recommending to our company. Why, because I work remotely and the only time I know when someone is away is when they are not on skype. I know they do not intend to leave me out of the conversations, but at times one does feel “out of site out of mind”

Anyway I just wanted to say hats of to Whosoff for their great application, which manages staff holidays, sick leave, meetings or if they we are just out of the office. OK a lot of the larger companies will have some thing in place, but for smaller organisations this fits the bill.

We can finally take the Holiday planner off the wall and now I will know if the MD is on holiday even if he doesn’t tell me, cheers Rod!

Found via Techcrunch

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  1. Hi Stephen

    Thanks for taking the time to mention on your blog. We’re glad you like it and we are pleased to say you are not alone!

    Many companies using the system have staff numbers from 10-50 but we also have some over 150.

    Using the departments feature makes it easy to manage these sorts of numbers.

    Thanks again !

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