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Grab those contacts from Linkedin

On Recruitment Views I found the following comment from Ravel Lee from eGrabber, in regards to their new capture tool for candidates on Linkedin. Basicly it collects the details and populates an excell spreadsheet which you can upload onto your database.

As we are all interested in Linkedin as recruitment consultants, I thought it would be better to have its own post rather than as a comment.

Update After writing this post Andy made a very relevant comment here, which should also being taken into account at a price of $649 it is a bit steep although it is part of another package, resume grabber. The bigger issue I suppose is that it is taking away the whole point of Linkedin and with that should linkedin let scrapping of details be allowed!


I thought you will be interested to
know that my company, eGrabber (, has just
released Social Network Grabber for Excel.

This tool enables recruiters to capture and import all LinkedIn profiles
from LinkedIn search results into Excel with a single click!
There is no programming to do. This tool can be given to admins
and others to help create an initial database of prospects.

The tool automatically opens each individual profile and imports
every attribute from the LinkedIn profile into a column in Excel.
All formatting is automatically and professionally handled.

Recruiters can quickly shortlist candidates and forward the Excel
list to hiring managers. Links within Excel allow hiring managers
to directly access resume. This is a real time saver!

For more information, please visit

Ravel Lee
Business Development Associate,
Developers of resume sourcing tools for 12+ years


  1. Stephen,
    Like you he commented on one of my posts with this. A great concept, but at $649 I am not sure that they have pitched the price right! I wont be investing in it at that price!!


  2. Yep Andy it is a bit steep, I have to admit I prefer the grab button, which you can add contact details straight into outlook and is free from Linkedin.

    In some ways it defeats the concept of what Linkedin is trying to achieve, it wouldn’t surprise me if Linkedin develop something to stop this kind of software crawling the site.

    We shall see
    Recruitment Views

  3. He appears to have turned up in the comments of a number of blogs with identical copy which never relates to the post it is attached to. My question would be, do any of us want to pay $649 to a company that is relying on automated link spam for its marketing strategy!


  4. Sounds like a cool concept. I saw something similar on Facebook a while back too. Our company has generated something similar in which you can view your networked connections within our company profiles for free….

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