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Reckitt Benckiser's Recruitment Blog

I am a little late with this press release for Rekitt Benckiser’s Recruitment Blog, but even so I still wanted to give them a mention because it’s a good example of a corporate blog being used to get candidates for their own company.

The Site is called My RB Opportunities and basically is made of 9 bloggers from within the company from different locations in the world, which is great but if I had to criticise they all happen to be in sales and marketing, in fact mainly marketing!

On top of this they are all apparently between 20 and 30 years of age, which is probably reflecting the type of people they want to employ, they have tried to cover diversity but forgotten all about ageism!!

If they want my opinion they could have come up with a better mix, some one on the shop floor in packaging, the MD or someone who has been with the company for more than 10 years etc, I think you get my drift.

When it comes to the actual blogging, we will see if they can keep it up, but what would have helped is if you could have read one persons blog, that way you can get a better snap shot of what they are doing.

They are also utilising facebook and Twitter, although it is only Ed who is on Twitter, I have to say he is doing a good job and he is worth following if you are into research and development. Not wanting to be too negative I did notice he has not engaged with his readers, which would be a good way to attract more talent, wouldn’t it! Maybe I am a little unfair judging by this Tweet from Ed.

@juliebrant You’ve made a good choice; it’s definately worth applying for the Graduate scheme with Reckitt Benckiser. Good luck!


  1. Hi Stephen
    I have been working with Reckitt Benckiser on their online awareness-raising project (which is aimed at graduates and early career professionals).
    It is still early days for the blog and the Twitter account and we know things need improving – but we just needed to get people started.
    You raised a couple of things we hadn’t considered so thank you for that, we really appreciate your comments – and in fact comments from anyone who is interested in this area.
    Ultimately this is about sharing what happens at RB in ways that are relevant – not just what we assume to be relevant – so feedback is essential.

    And I know Ed would be really pleased to feel that people are valuing his contributions as it does add somewhat to his daily tasks in the office!

  2. Since my blog will be in Dutch (although I could of course translate it to the English version of But I think RB totally missed the point with this blog.

    It’s a recruitment blog, who cares? Will potentiel job seekers believe you? I doubt it. Why do people, young talented people, want to work for you? Because they think they can learn from the people within the company.

    A recruitment blog should never be recruitment orientated in my opinion. I Holland I started software-innovators for Sogyo, a small software company. They blog about software innovations, about their vision on the work, about the developments. And from their, other engineers say: He, I want to work for those guys.

  3. Hi,

    Im shortly going for a recruitment day at one of the reckitts sites. We have to do a literacy and numeracy test does anyone have any ideas of what this consists of. The role is one of maintenenance technician.

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