How to Start Your Own Recruitment Consultancy

How to start your own Recruitment Consultancy

How to start your own Recruitment Consultancy

When I look back I realise I have so much experience of setting up my own recruitment consultancy, that it would make a lot of sense to share it with you. I cannot guarantee you success but I can certainly ensure you avoid making some of the mistakes I have made over the years.

If you get this right you can make a small fortune in recruitment, but I will warn you it isn’t easy and it will take a huge amount of effort on your part.

When you start you will need to do a business plan, there are plenty of examples to work with either from your bank or even What they do not tell you are the pitfalls, the tricks or even the cheats to ensure your success that I will go into rather than the writing of a business plans.

Some of the decisions that you make in the early stages can be very costly so below I have put a few pointers to ensure you don’t make these mistakes, I hope these will cover most issues.



  1. Dear Steven,
    Ive started my recruitment consultancy three months back focusssing on the manpower requirements of upcoming BPO’s in India.However ive started this biz as a franchise of a major recruitment consultancy which is in DELHI(INDIA)but the problem im facing now is that they are so busy with there biz that they are not providing any franchise support however i had madeup my mind that im not going to let this biz go, so now i want take charge of my recruitment consultancy on my own.For taht purpose could you suggest me some readings on the same subject in which i can come to know about the global trends of registering a candidate,whether to charge from the company or from the candidate,how much percent should i charge and thinks like that,

  2. Hi There

    Thanks for your interest in contacting me. Having read your questions it is a little difficult to give you a huge amount of advise, but what would help is if you could let me know what markets you are looking at and what are your specialist skills and where you intend to be based?

    What I can tell you is that your charges should be directed at the client rather than the candidate.

    Is the plan to place local people into call centers based in India?


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