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Recruiting Revolution will they succeed where others have failed!

The other day I was talking to Jamie of, a leading flat fee recruitment agency in the UK, about a new means of recruiting without recruitment consultants, their USP below is taken from their PR:

September 2006 sees the launch of, the UK’s first fully functional online recruitment agency . The concept, which aims to abolish exorbitant recruitment agency fees so that more money from the client can be directed towards the candidates, was devised by recent graduates Jamie Mistlin (27) and Anna Taylor (24) after their poor experience of recruitment agencies.

I am disappointed with the dig at recruitment consultants, as I think graduates have no idea what goes on it isn’t the recruitment consultant that are the bad guy’s it is often the client companies. This may shock you but what most graduates are not aware of is recruitment consultants try our hardest to fix you up with our client companies. Unfortunately some of our clients will not even listen, no matter how much we believe in you so we have to let you down. Secondly there are just so many of you and as a result the clients can pick and choose.

Still there is no excuse from our part, in not treating you as professionals, but it is worth to note that recruitment consultancies recruit a huge number of graduates as their first job, so the phrase “don’t bite off the hand that feeds you” comes to mind.
After that bit of a moan I do like your site, it has potential and certainly will fill a gap with companies that cannot afford the typical recruitment fees and if you market your site correctly you can succeed.
I suppose a word of warning didn’t last long, so best of luck

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